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September 27, 2005
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Raynard Owens, Communications Officer, at 703.838.4300

Alexandria Human Rights Commission Issues Written Opinion
in Housing Discrimination Case

On September 21, the Alexandria Human Rights Commission issued its written decision and recommended order in the matter of Cummings v. Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc., finding that the Complainant proved by a preponderance of the evidence that Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc. violated the Human Rights Code of the City of Alexandria. The Commission determined that Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc., permitted and assisted the sellers in making a decision not to sell a house to Mr. Cummings and otherwise discriminated against him in the terms and conditions of the sale of housing based on his marital status. The eight Commissioners who heard this case did not find that Mr. Cummings sustained his burden of proof to show that he suffered discrimination because of his sexual orientation. Last month the Commission announced publicly its determination in favor of the Complainant, as permitted by the City Code, without more detailed information as to the specific basis for, and the facts and circumstances supporting, its decision.

The Commission conducted a public hearing on this charge on July 27, 2005. Prior to the hearing, the Office of Human Rights investigated the allegations and found reasonable cause to believe discrimination had occurred. The complete written decision can be viewed on the City’s website, (Complete decision)

For further information, contact Jean Kelleher Niebauer, Director, Alexandria Office of Human Rights, at 703.838.6390.

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