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City Council Retreat
Saturday, October 31, 1992 - - 8:00 am

I. Budget and Finance information--City Manager/Staff

II. General Discussion: Maintain our current priorities or consider a new course

III. Revenues for current/new proposals--guidance to staff

A. Existing revenue sources--real estate/personal property

B. New revenue--great reliance on user fees

C. Local income tax--in lieu of other taxes

IV. Expense for current/new services

A. Existing programs and functions

B. New spending priorities

C. Employee benefits

V. Ideas to "Reinvent Government"

VI. Program or Policy reform for better results in solving problems--What subject areas for Council to consider? Schedule a series of work sessions? Public hearing in December before Manager's budget is proposed?

[Note: 11:30 to 10:30 to discuss the management study with lunch in executive Session.]

Budget Memo 1