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Special Work Session
Wednesday, February 3, 1993 - - 5:00 pm

Initial Planning Meeting February 8, 1993, 4:30 P. M .
City Hall Room 2000

Proposed Forum Date - February 27,1993 (9 AM - 2 PM)

Forum Location: - T.C. Williams High School
Auditorium (Capacity 1,300)
Mini-Auditorium (Capacity 168 - 200)
Classrooms Available for Group Sessions

Sponsor - City Council and School Board

Suggested Forum Moderator -Paul L. Tilley who is an internationally-known
negotiator, speaker, educator, and consultant.
He has almost 20 years of rigorous negotiating
experience, including many years in the
negotiating of large-scale domestic and
multinational business deals.

His workshops are informative, stimulating,
and interactive. He has received the highest
marks from attendees in government,
business, and industry - including many
Fortune 500 companies.

Author of Negotiate To Win.

Mr. Tilley holds an undergraduate degree from
Cornell and an MBA from the Darden Graduate
School of the University of Virginia. He is a
Director of The Cooper Management Institute.

Proposed Format for Morning Session - Presentations by the
Community Forum SchoolBoard

Lunch (to be purchased by participants)

Afternoon Session - Discussion Groups

List of Persons Invited to the Planning Meeting

Mayor Patricia Ticer 838-4500
Angie Godfrey, School Board Chair 683-5014
Vola Lawson, City Manager 838-4300
Paul Masem, Superintendent of Schools 824-6610


Alexandria PTA Council President Steve Kenealy (202) 275-1633 (W)
Steering Committee Walter Diercks 683-4213 (H)
Hopkins House Association Glenn Hopkins 549-4232
NOVA Urban League George Lambert 836-2858
Former School Board Chairman Ferdinand Day 370-3199
League of Women Voters Georgia Cannady 370-1949 (H)


Beverly Steele, Deputy City Manager 838-4300
Maxine Wood, Exec. Asst. Superintendent/
CSSGY Co-Chair 824-6655
Shirley Urquia, Asst. Superintendent/
CSSGY Member 824-6676
Gary Cyphers, Director of Human Services/
CSSGY Co-Chair 838-0712
Ronald Frazier, Director of Youth Services/
CSSGY Member 838-0992

Public Notice