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Work Session
Monday, September 26, 1994 - - 7:00 pm



Introductory Remarks Mayor Patricia S. Ticer
City Manager Vola Lawson

I. Social Services Advisory Board (SSAB)

A. Report on the Findings and Recommendations SSAB Members:
in the SSAB "Report on Welfare Sophie Korczyk
and Work" (Attachment I) Kim Koch
(15 minutes) Carolyn Merck

II. Center for Employment Training (CET)

A. Presentation on the Center for Employment Jack Powers, Director
Training (Attachments II-V) Community Programs,
(15 minutes) Human Services
Joe Stevens, Director
Baltimore CET

B. Funding for Center for Employment Training

1. Department of Labor Technical Assistance Gary Cyphers, Director
2. City and Federal Funding Lori Godwin, Director
C. City Council Discussion
(30 minutes)

Work and Welfare