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Work Session
Monday, June 17, 1996 - - 7:30 pm

Present: Mayor Kerry J. Donley; Vice Mayor Redella S. Pepper, Members of Council William C. Cleveland, William D. Euille, Lonnie C. Rich, and David G. Speck.

Absent: Council Member Lois L. Walker.

Also Present: Mrs. Lawson, City Manager; Ms. Evans, Assistant City Manager; Mr. Gitajn, Director of Financial and Information Technology Services; Mrs. Godwin, Director of Management and Budget; Ms. Steele, Deputy City Manager; Mr. Brannan, Assistant City Manager; Mr. Horowitz, Special Assistant to the Director of Human Services; Mr. Lynn, Director of Planning and Zoning; State Delegate Moran; Superintendent Berg; and Ms. Seagroves, Deputy City Clerk.


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