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Hospital-City Council Annual Breakfast
Tuesday, April 30, 1996 - - 7:45 am

Alexandria Hospital
Alexandria, Virginia

Hospital Board Room

Hospital Board of Directors

I. Hospital Presentation Pat Walters, President

A. FY1995 Operational Highlights

1. Services and technology
2. Quality and patient care
3. Community service

B. FY 1995 Financial Highlights

1. Hospital performance
2. Cost management
3. Charity care & payer trends

C. Plans and Projects for 1996+

1. Hospital initiatives
2. Foundation initiatives
3. Corporate initiatives;
- Merger plans, update

II. Hospital-City Shared Issues Vola Lawson, City Manager
Michele Evans, Ass't Manager
Steve Meyerson, VP, Comty
Affairs/Gov't Relations

III. Other discussion; All
Adjournment James Keller

Thank you for your attendance at this important annual meeting.




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