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Office of the City Clerk
April 28, 2009

Special Meeting
Monday, April 27, 2009 - - 7:00 p.m.

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1. Calling the Roll.

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Euille, and the City Clerk called the roll; all the members of City Council were present.
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2. Consideration of the Proposed Annual Operating Budget for FY 2010 (including Schools) and the Proposed Capital Improvements Program for FY 2010-2015 (including the Schools CIP.)

City Council adopted the annual general fund operating budget for FY 2010 of $530,003,018 with the following amendments to the City Manager’s Proposed Budget. The details of each amendment are described in the April 27, 2009, memo from the City Manager accompanying docket item #2 “FY 2010 Budget Adoption – Draft of Tentative Actions for Monday Night”:

Technical expenditure decreases (net of increases) of $315,325
Other expenditure increases (net of decreases) of $6,046,299
Revenue re-estimate decreases (net of increases) of $537,497
City Manager recommended increase in the use of Fund Balance of $230,000 and
Tax and fee rate and new revenue increases of $6,038,471.

The total increase in expenditures compared to the City Manager’s Proposed Budget is $5,730,974, including an increase in cash capital funding of the FY 2010 – 2015 Capital Improvement Program of $3,700,038 and an increase in Contingent Reserves of $1,543,160.

The FY 2009 operating budget requires an appropriation from Fund Balance of $2,315,347, and an increase in the real property tax rate of $0.058 (five point eight cents), from $0.845 (eighty-four point five cents) to $0.903 (ninety point three cents).

In addition, City Council authorized the City Manager to make technical adjustments to each affected Departmental Budget from the Non-Departmental Budget to reflect the proper allocation to departmental budgets of the adjustments related to items such as health insurance premiums, supplemental retirement for new employees and pension administration. The details of these adjustments will be presented for approval by City Council in the context of the FY 2010 Appropriations Ordinance in the June.

City Council adopted the proposed FY 2010 to FY 2015 Capital Improvement Program of $397,382,563 in total and $383,919,241 in local funding, with $78,991,710 in total and $72,285,573 in local funding in FY 2010, $85,881,320 in total and $84,009,883 in local funding in FY 2011, $54,110,738 in total and $52,889,301 in local funding in FY 2012, $61,812,556 in total and $60,591,119 in local funding in FY 2013, $56,168,436 in total and $54,946,999 in local funding in FY 2014, $60,417,803 in total and $59,196,366 in local funding in FY 2015. The detailed changes for the FY 2010 CIP are described in docket item # 2.
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3. Second Reading and Final Passage of an Ordinance on the Increase in Real Estate Tax Revenue, at a Rate Not to Exceed $0.90.5 per $100 of Assessed Value, Attributable to the Increase in Value of Assessed Property as of January 1, 2009, and Known as the "Effective Rate Increase" Pursuant to Section 58.1-3321 of the Virginia Code. (#8, 4/18/09) [ROLL-CALL VOTE]

City Council passed an ordinance to set the City’s 2009 real property tax rate at $0.903 (ninety point three cents) on each $100 of assessed value, an increase of $0.058 (five point eight cents) from the 2008 rate. Personal property tax rates remain unchanged from 2008. The sum of $0.007 (seven tenths of one cent) on each $100 of assessed value of the $0.903 (ninety point three cents) real property tax rate, continues to be dedicated for affordable housing purposes to continue to pay budgeted debt service on affordable housing bonds, beginning July 1, 2009. (This change will be reflected in a subsequent ordinance amending City Code Section 3-1-5, to be introduced in May.) In addition, the sum of 0.3% (three tenths of a percent) of real property tax revenue will continue to be dedicated to the Open Space Trust Fund to continue to pay budgeted debt services on borrowing for open space purposes. (ORD. 4587)
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4. Consideration of a Resolution to Increase the Annual Fee for the City's Collection and Disposal of Solid Waste, Yard Debris and Recyclable Materials. [ROLL-CALL VOTE]

City Council adopted the resolution to increase the annual fee for the City's collection and disposal of solid waste, yard debris and recyclable materials from $301 per household to $331, which enables the City to continue the City's policy of 100 percent cost recovery of the full cost of residential refuse collection and disposal. (RES. NO. 2330)
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The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Note: The action docket is a summary of Council's meeting deliberations prepared largely of staff follow-up. Formal minutes of the meeting, when approved by Council become the official record of the meeting and of Council decisions made at the meeting.

This docket is subject to change.

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Full-text copies of ordinances, resolutions, and agenda items are available in the Office of the City Clerk and Clerk of the Council. Meeting materials are also available on-line at
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Individuals with disabilities who require assistance or special arrangements to participate in the City Council meeting may call the City Clerk and Clerk of Council's Office at 838-4500 (TTY/TDD 838-5056). We request that you provide a 48-hour notice so that the proper arrangements may be made.

City Council meetings are closed-captioned for the hearing impaired.
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