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January 27, 2010

City Council Held a Work Session on the
Small Business City Process Improvements
at 5:30 p.m. in the City Council Work Room.

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, January 26, 2010 - - 7:00 p.m.

* * * * *


1. Calling the Roll.

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Euille, and the Deputy City Clerk called the roll; all members of Council were present.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________

2. Moment of Silence and Pledge of Allegiance.

City Council observed a moment of silence and recited the Pledge of Allegiance.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________

3. Reading and Acting Upon the Minutes of the Following Meeting of City Council:

(a) The Regular Meeting Minutes of January 12, 2010.

City Council approved the regular meeting minutes of January 12, 2010.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________





(Resignations and Uncontested Appointments)

4. Receipt of the Following Resignations From Members of Boards, Commissions and Committees:



(a) Commission on Employment
Dave Svec

(b) Redevelopment and Housing Authority

5. Uncontested Appointments to Boards, Commissions and Committees:

(a) Alexandria-Caen Sister City Committee
2 Citizen Members

(b) Commission on Aging
1 Citizen Member

(c) Local Emergency Planning Committee
1 Representative of Broadcast and Print Media

(d) Potomac Yard Design Advisory Committee
1 Member Representing the Potomac Yard Area

(e) Social Services Advisory Board
1 Citizen Member

(Reports and Recommendations of the City Manager)

6. Consideration of Authorization of Recommended Capital Project Allocations and Planned Expenditures.

7. Consideration of Proposal to Hold a Race Before the George Washington Birthday Parade.

8. Consideration and Ratification of New Fire Department Representatives on the City of Alexandria Firefighters and Police Officers Pension Board.


City Council approved the consent calendar, with the exception of docket item numbers 6 and 7, which were considered under separate motions. The City Manager's recommendations were as follows:

4. City Council accepted the following resignations with regret: (a) Dave Svec, Commission on Employment and (b) Kerry-Ann Powell, Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority.

5. City Council made the following appointments: (a) appointed Anne Paine West and Laura F. Wagstaff as the two citizen members to the Alexandria-Caen Sister City Committee; (b) appointed Jermaine A. Mincey as the citizen member to the Commission on Aging; (c) appointed Jim Sheehy as the representative of broadcast and print media to Local Emergency Planning Committee; (d) appointed Brett Libresco as the member representing the Potomac Yard Area to the Potomac Yard Design Advisory Committee; and (e) appointed Michael Kalutkiewicz as the citizen member to the Social Services Advisory Board.

6. City Council authorized $1,887,048 for the capital project allocations and planned expenditures for the capital projects as detailed in the Capital Improvement Expenditure Summary. (separate motion)

7. City Council approved the request to add the "Washington Win Sprint" one-mile race to the 2010 George Washington Birthday Parade scheduled for Monday, February 15, 2010. (separate motion)

8. City Council ratified the appointment of Patrick Evans as the Fire Representative and Michael Wimer as the Fire Alternate member to the City of Alexandria Firefighters and Police Officers Pension Board.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________


9. Affordable Housing Advisory Committee
1 Representative of the City's Faith Community

City Council waived the residency requirement and appointed Sonya Sacks as the representative of the City's faith community to the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________

10. Commission on HIV/AIDS
The Sheriff or the Sheriff's Designee

City Council waived the residency requirement and appointed Anthony DiCesare as the Sheriff's Designee to the Commission on HIV/AIDS.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________

11. Human Rights Commission
1 Citizen-at-large
1 Commission on Aging Member

City Council appointed Kristy M. Herrick as the citizen-at-large and waived the residency requirement and appointed Eileen Longstreet as the Commission on Aging member to the Human Rights Commission.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________


12. Consideration of Recommendations and Status Report on Legislation Introduced at the 2010 General Assembly Session.

City Council: (1) approved the legislative positions included in Attachment 1 (Recommended Positions on Bills of Importance to the City), as recommended by City Council's Legislative Subcommittee (Vice Mayor Donley and Councilman Smedberg); (2) opposed any delay in the implementation of a revised Composite Index (this is also a recommendation of the Legislative Subcommittee), which will be especially costly to Northern Virginia localities; and (3) authorized the Mayor to send a letter to the General Assembly and other State officials about City concerns about the State budget.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________

13. Consideration of Restoration of Funding for the Eisenhower Partnership for Fiscal Year (FY) 2010.

This item was withdrawn at Council's request.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________

**City Council considered docket item 14 and 15 together.**

14. Consideration and Approval of a License Agreement with L.A. Yachts, Incorporated to Berth the Potomac Bellein the Commercial Dock Space at the City Marina.

15. Consideration and Approval of a License Agreement with the Potomac Riverboat Company to Berth the Cherry Blossom, Miss Christin, Admiral Tilp, Matthew Hayes, and a Work Boat in the Commercial Dock Space at the City Marina.

City Council remanded docket items 14 and 15 back to City staff for further review and requested that an addendum be added to the extension of the current leases until February 28, 2010. City Council also requested that staff negotiate a five-year lease agreement with the three-year renewal option with both L.A. Yachts and the Potomac Riverboat Company, including updated numbers in the fiscal impact. City Council requested that the item return to Council at the February 23 Legislative meeting.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________

16. Consideration of Submitting a Grant Application Under the Federal Transit Administration’s Transportation Livability Initiative for the Potomac Yard Transitway.

City Council authorized the City Manager to apply for an $8.5 million Federal Transit Administration Livability grant to assist in funding the Potomac Yard Transitway, and to enter any agreement necessary if the grant is awarded.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________






(a) Mayor Euille reported that the H1N1 vaccine is available to everyone at the City's Health Department by appointment and walk-ins are welcome.

(b) Mayor Euille reported that the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) Board of Directors will hold a public hearing on January 27 at the WMATA headquarters at 600 5th Street, NW at 5:30 p.m., to discuss the budget shortfall.

(c) Mayor Euille reported that on February 2 the Complete Count Census faith-based initiative will be held at the Masonic Temple at 7 p.m. and he encouraged everyone to come out and participate.

(d) Councilman Smedberg stated that at the last Virginia Railway Express meeting, the officials of the new operating company, Keolis, were introduced. Councilman Smedberg also noted that new officers were elected at the meeting: Paul Milde of Stafford County, Chair; Sharon Bulova, Fairfax County, Vice Chair and Paul Smedberg was elected Treasurer.

(e) Councilwoman Hughes reported that on January 19 she attended a summit of the Aviation Subcommittee that focused on developing corridors around the area airports, particularly a centralized corridor between Reagan National and Dulles airports.

(f) Councilman Krupicka reported that he and Mayor Euille attended the City Schools committee meeting and copies of the Superintendent's draft budget was distributed. Councilman Krupicka also noted that a proposal for the potential redevelopment of Jefferson-Houston Elementary School was discussed to address the acute space needs that the schools are facing. Councilman Krupicka requested that Council members review the presentation and talk to the School Board representatives if there are any questions about the potential project.

(g) Councilman Krupicka reported that the Chesapeake Bay Policy Committee for the Council of Governments (COG) reviewed Senator Cardin's Chesapeake Bay Bill, which is intended to have significant impact on the availability of funding to address Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) required improvements. Councilman Krupicka stated that there was appreciation for some of the funding that may result from the bill and concerns about some of the requirements that may be placed on local governments; and the Committee is evaluating the requirements to provide feedback that will be helpful to local governments.

(h) Councilman Krupicka requested that staff provide Council with a formal list/report of all the forthcoming meetings concerning BRAC and other transportation issues in the West End.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________


Council Action:_________________________________________________________


17. Consideration of a Grant Application and Resolution for FY 2011 Funding for the Continuation of the Alexandria Transportation Demand Management Program and to Fund a Public Transportation Intern Position.

City Council adopted a resolution authorizing the City Manager to: (A) submit a grant application and the resolution to the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT) for continued funding for FY 2011, (1) in the amount of $228,240 which will be matched by $57,060 of City funds, for a total program of $285,300, for the continuation of the City's transportation demand management services (formerly, rideshare); and (2) in the amount of $26,600, which will be matched by $1,400 of City funds for a total of $28,000 to continue the public transportation intern program; (B) approve the continuation of two full-time grant-funded positions (Transit Specialist I and Transit Services Assistant I) to administer the ongoing TDM program. Continuation of these positions is contingent upon continuation of funding from the DRPT or other non-City sources; and (C) execute all necessary documents that may be required under this program. (RES. NO. 2380)
Council Action:_________________________________________________________

18. Consideration of a Resolution Supporting the Victory Center site (5001 Eisenhower Avenue) for the Location of the offices for the Defense Intelligence Agency or the Department of Defense Medical Command Headquarters.

City Council:(1) adopted the resolution expressing support for the Victory Center building site with the following amendments:
-delete the 7th and 8th whereas clauses;
-in the 5th whereas delete the last section beginning with "representing" and add "and its approved site plan afford the federal government near-term occupancy along with substantial expansion capabilities;"
-replace the 7th whereas clause with "Whereas, the Van Dorn Metro rail station is located within one-half mile of the Victory Center, affording federal workers convenient, affordable mass transit options, and; "
-replace the 8th whereas clause with "Whereas, the Victory Center is likewise located Eisenhower Avenue interchange with the Capital Beltway; and (2) communicated the City's position to appropriate federal audiences. (RES. NO. 2381)
Council Action:_________________________________________________________


19. Consideration of City Council Schedule.

City Council scheduled a work session with the Commission on Employment at 5:30 p.m. before its Tuesday, April 13 legislative meeting.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________


20. Consideration of Convening an Executive Session Closed to the Public to Discuss Land Acquisition.

At 8:50 p.m., City Council convened in executive session, pursuant to Virginia Code Section 2.2.3711(A)(3) to discuss land acquisition.

At 9:57 p.m., City Council reconvened the meeting.

City Council adopted a resolution pertaining to Executive Session. (RES. NO.
Council Action:________________________________________________________
The meeting adjourned at 9:59 p.m.

Note: The action docket is a summary of Council's meeting deliberations prepared largely for staff follow-up. Formal minutes of the meeting, when approved by Council, become the official record of the meeting and of Council decisions made at the meeting.

This docket is subject to change.

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Full-text copies of ordinances, resolutions, and agenda items are available in the Office of the City Clerk and Clerk of the Council. Meeting materials are also available on-line at
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Individuals with disabilities who require assistance or special arrangements to participate in the City Council meeting may call the City Clerk and Clerk of Council's Office at 703-746-4550 (TTY/TDD 838-5056). We request that you provide a 48-hour notice so that the proper arrangements may be made.

City Council meetings are closed-captioned for the hearing impaired.
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