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Office of the City Clerk
May 26, 1999

The Project Discovery Student
Recognition Reception was at
6:30 p.m. in the Vola Lawson
Lobby at City Hall.

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, May 25, 1999 - - 7:30 p.m.

* * * * *


1. Calling the Roll.

The Meeting was called to Order by Mayor Donley, and the Deputy City Clerk called the Roll; all Members of City Council were present except Council Member Walker.
Council Action:_______________________________________________________________

Reverend Lee A. Earl, Pastor, Shiloh Baptist Church.
2. Invocation. By:_________________________________________________________

3. Reading and Acting Upon the Minutes of the Following Meetings of City Council:

(a) the Special Meeting of May 5, 1999;

(b) the Regular Meeting of May 11, 1999; and

(c) the Public Hearing Meeting of May 15, 1999.

City Council approved the Minutes for (a) the Special Meeting of May 5, 1999; (b) the Regular Meeting of May 11, 1999; and (c) the Public Hearing Meeting of May 15, 1999, as submitted.
Council Action:_______________________________________________________________

4. Report of the City Clerk.

City Council received the report of the City Clerk.
Council Action:_______________________________________________________________

OPENING (continued)

New Business Item No. 1: Without objection, the Mayor introduced Suzana Meszaros and Richard Bean of the Baha'i Community of Alexandria who presented a plaque honoring the City's 250th Anniversary and its dedication to the advancement of women. Each of the Council Members was presented with Two Wings of a Bird; The Equality of Women and Men from the National Spiritual Assemblies of the Baha'is of the United States. Mayor Donley recognized the leadership of the Commission on Women and asked Office on Women Director Gattsek to display the placque in her office to serve as inspiration to the staff and the hundreds of volunteers as well as to citizens visiting the office.

5. Receipt of bid submitted by Ogden Martin Systems of Alexandria/Arlington, Inc., in response to Ordinance No. 4038, for the long-term lease of two parcels of City-owned real property off Eisenhower Avenue to be used in providing vehicular access to the Alexandria/Arlington Waste-to-Energy facility.

(1) The City Attorney announced, "As of this time, the City has received only one bid for the lease of land adjacent to the waste-to-energy facility on Eisenhower Avenue. Council authorized the solicitation of bids for this lease in April and advertisements of the solicitation were placed in newspapers for four successive weeks following the April 17 meeting. Only one bid has been received, that submitted by Ogden Martin Systems of Alexandria/Arlington, Inc., which is attached to the docket item."

(2) The City Attorney stated, "I need to ask now whether there is anyone in the audience or elsewhere this evening who wishes to submit a bid for the City's lease of land adjacent to the waste-to-energy facility on Eisenhower Avenue? Hearing none, I suspect there is none."

(3) The City Attorney further stated, "Having received no further submissions, I declare the bidding on the City's lease of land adjacent to the waste-to-energy facility on Eisenhower Avenue to be closed, and it is now proper to hear a motion that Council receives the bid that Ogden Martin has submitted."

City Council received the bid and referred it to staff for review.
Council Action:_______________________________________________________________



6. Receipt of Resignations from Boards, Commissions and Committees:

(a) Alexandria Commission on Persons With Disabilities
Stephen Kahn

(b) Alexandria Park and Recreation Commission
Samuel P. Longstreet

(c) Alexandria Task Force on AIDS
Kathryn Unruh



7. Uncontested Appointments to Boards, Commissions and Committees:

(a) Alexandria Budget and Fiscal Affairs Advisory Committee
1 Member Designated by Council Member Lois L. Walker

(b) Alexandria Commission on Employment
1 Business Representative From Among Recognized Area Businesses Including Minority-Owned and Small Businesses

1 Educational Agency Representative

(c) Alexandria Public Records Advisory Commission
1 Citizen Member

(d) Alexandria Sister Cities Committee
1 Citizen Member

(e) Alexandria Waterfront Committee
1 Representative From the Alexandria Archaeological Commission

8. Acceptance of Grant Funding from the Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grant Program (JAIBG) for a Pre-Trial Services Program Administered by the Court Service Unit.

9. Submission of a Grant Application to the Virginia Department of Forestry, Urban and Community Forestry Assistance Program, to Fund a Grant for a Pilot Program for a Street Tree Inventory and the Development of an Integrated Tree Management Program.

10. Receipt of the City's Monthly Financial Report for the Period Ending April 30, 1999.

11. Consideration of City Participation in the U.S. Department of Justice Assistance Bulletproof Vest Partnership Program.


City Council approved the Consent Calendar as presented with the exception of Docket Item No. 10 which was considered under separate motion. The City Manager's recommendations are as follows:

6. City Council accepted the following resignations with regret: (a) Stephen Kahn from the Alexandria Commission on Persons with Disabilities; (b) Samuel P. Longstreet from the Alexandria Park and Recreation Commission; and (c) Kathryn Unruh from the Alexandria Task Force on AIDS; and requested the Executive Secretary for Boards and Commissions to send the appropriate letters of appreciation and to advertise the vacancies in the usual manner.



7. City Council: (a) appointed Peter Spencer as a Member Designated by Council Member Lois L. Walker to the Alexandria Budget and Fiscal Affairs Advisory Committee; (b) reappointed James Shank as a Business Representative from Among Recognized Area Businesses Including Minority-Owned and Small Businesses, and appointed Kathy Corr as an Educational Agency Representative to the Alexandria Commission on Employment; (c) appointed Martha Crawley as a Citizen Member to the Alexandria Public Records Advisory Commission; (d) appointed JoAnne Phipps as a Citizen Member to the Alexandria Sister Cities Committee; and (e) reappointed Pete Petersen as a Representative from the Alexandria Archaeological Commission to the Alexandria Waterfront Committee.

8. City Council: (1) approved the acceptance of the City's allocation of $32,752 of grant funding from the Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grant Program (JAIBG); (2) approved the addition of a half-time position to implement pre-trial services in the Court Service Unit. This grant-funded position would be authorized from the time of receipt of funds through December 31, 1999. The grant-funded position will terminate upon the expiration of grant funding and the individual who is to fill this position will be notified of this condition of employment at the time he/she is hired and would sign an agreement of understanding with regard to this condition; and (3) authorized the City Manager to execute all necessary documents.

9. City Council authorized the City Manager to: (1) submit a grant application to the Virginia Department of Forestry, Urban and Community Forestry Assistance Program, for funding in the amount of $7,500, for the purchase of a computer and software to complete a pilot program for a street tree inventory and integrated tree management program; and (2) execute all necessary documents that may be required.

10. City Council: (1) received the Monthly Financial Report for the period ending April 30, 1999; (2) authorized the City Manager or her designee to approve a change order in the amount of $12,292 to an existing contract awarded to the Breeding Construction Company, Inc. to cover the full costs of labor, materials and equipment, at firm fixed prices, for concealed and unforeseen structural repairs required to properly complete the Alexandria Residential Care Home roof replacement project; (3) authorized the capital program allocations and planned expenditures for the capital projects as detailed in the Capital Improvement Program Planned Expenditure Summary; and (4) delegated to the City Manager, or her designee, authority to award a contract to the lowest responsible bidder for renovation and expansion of Fire Station 204, located at 900 Second Street. (Separate Motion)



11. City Council: (1) authorized the City Manager to register and apply for up to 50% reimbursement of the cost of bulletproof vests purchased in accordance with the requirements of the Bulletproof Vest Partnership Program; and (2) authorized all City law enforcement agencies eligible under the requirements of the Bulletproof Vest Partnership Program to participate and apply for reimbursement under the City's comprehensive application in each year that the federal funding is available for this program.

Council Action:_______________________________________________________________


12. Consideration of Increase in Maximum Sales Price for the Law Enforcement Component of the Moderate Income Homeownership Program. (Mayor Donley and Vice Mayor Euille)

The City Manager will meet with the Police Chief and prepare a report for Council on the possibility of offering some sort of preferential treatment in the hiring process for police officers or deputies who are willing to live in designated areas in the City. They will check with NLC, ICMA and other police chiefs about other possible incentives to encourage people to elect to live in the City's target areas, even above and beyond the existing program.

City Council approved an amendment to the Moderate Income Homeownership Program to change the maximum sales price limit for the law enforcement component to 20% above the current Virginia Housing Development Authority (VHDA) maximum sales price limits, resulting in new limits of $207,800 for new construction and $206,200 for existing housing.
Council Action:_______________________________________________________________

13. Receipt of the Alexandria Human Rights Commission FY 98 Report on Citizen Appointments to City Boards and Commissions.

City Council (1) received the report; (2) thanked the members of the Human Rights Commission for their work on behalf of the City; and (3) adopted the recommendations of the Human Rights Commission.
Council Action:_______________________________________________________________


(a) Councilman Speck reported the good news that the National Council of Destination Organizations which is the industry council of the Travel Industry Association of America (TIA), a Washington-based national nonprofit association for all components of the U.S. travel industry. They have an award called the Destiny Award which is a recognition of unique efforts in tourism, particularly as it relates to destination sites. On July 14 in Roanoke, they will award the Destiny Award to one of five finalists: the Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Florida Keys and Key West Tourist Development, the Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission, the Pocono Mountains Vacation Bureau, and the Alexandria Convention and Visitors Association. This is a wonderful recognition of the City, the ACVA and staff for their efforts for tourism to be recognized along with other cities which have been far more involved in this for many years.

(b) Councilwoman Pepper explained that today was the Alexandria Senior Law Day at Goodwin House. One of the topics discussed was consumer scams affecting the elderly, and she commended Mary E. Gannon who received an award for her part in stopping a pyramid-type scam resulting in the guilty party being arrested.

(c) Councilwoman Pepper reported that today she and Charles E. Beatley, Jr. took a tour through the Charles E. Beatley Library. It is a spectacular building. She commended Library Director Pat O'Brien and the City's project manager, Ernest Favor, a General Services employee. This project will come in at or under cost and on time for the opening on January 1, 2000.

(d) Councilman Cleveland announced that the Governor's commission for Citizen Empowerment on which he serves will be holding a public hearing meeting on July 28 at Lee Center, and he invited the Council to participate. Councilman Cleveland is working with local churches and the Untouchables to have people come out and speak. He will be asking for some type of resources from the State and is planning to ask for a fatherhood project to be started in the Commonwealth, especially for the City of Alexandria. The time is still to be determined, and he will be getting back to Council with an agenda.

(e) Councilman Cleveland noted that the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children had their 4th Annual Congressional breakfast today. It was announced that the National Center is moving from Arlington to the City of Alexandria at the corner of Prince and Washington Streets. The grand opening will be September 8.

(f) Councilman Cleveland announced the death of Thomasina Jordan on Sunday. She was noted for the annual Native American festivals. The viewing is at Everly-Wheatly on Wednesday, 2-4 p.m. and 7-9 p.m., and the funeral is on Thursday at Saint Mary's Church at 10 a.m.
Council Action:_______________________________________________________________


14. Consideration of a Resolution Endorsing President Clinton's Initiatives on Gun Control. (Mayor Donley) [ROLL-CALL VOTE]

City Council adopted the resolution, as amended to also send the resolution to Congressman Tom Davis and Congressman Frank Wolf. RES. NO. 1918
Council Action:_______________________________________________________________

15. Consideration of Resolution Authorizing the Donation of One Surplus Defibrillator (LifePak 5) to the Red Cross in the Dominican Republic. [ROLL-CALL VOTE]

Vice Mayor Euille asked staff to come back to Council with a recommendation in terms of whether or not we should investigate equipping public buildings with this piece of equipment.

Councilman Cleveland brought up that people have to be trained to use the equipment.

City Council adopted the resolution. RES. NO. 1919
Council Action:_______________________________________________________________


16. Consideration of City Council Schedule.

City Council: (1) determined not to change the date of the Tuesday, June 22 legislative meeting; and (2) added to the Council Calendar the Sunday, July 11, dedication of the Alexandria Academy from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Alexandria Academy, located at the corner of Washington and Wolfe Streets. City Council will not go out of town for the Retreat proposed to be held at the end of October.
Council Action:_______________________________________________________________


17. Alexandria Task Force on AIDS
1 Representative From the Sheriff's Office

City Council waived the residency requirement and appointed Nadine Patterson as a Representative from the Sheriff's Office to the Alexandria Task Force on AIDS.
Council Action:_______________________________________________________________

The Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

This docket is subject to change.

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Full-text copies of ordinances, resolutions, and agenda items are available in the Office of the City Clerk and Clerk of the Council. Meeting materials are also available on-line at
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Individuals with disabilities who require assistance or special arrangements to participate in the City Council meeting may call the City Clerk and Clerk of Council's Office at 838-4500 (TTY/TDD 838-5056). We request that you provide a 48-hour notice so that the proper arrangements may be made.
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Public Notice

The City of Alexandria Economic Summit III will be held on Saturday, June 5, 1999, from 8:00 a.m. to noon, at the Sheraton Suites Alexandria, located at 801 North Saint Asaph Street, Alexandria, Virginia.

It is anticipated that more than two Members of City Council will be in attendance.

For further information, please contact the Alexandria Economic Development Office at 703-739-3820 ext. 25.

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