Regular Public Hearing

Wednesday- November 17, 2010
7:30 PM Council Chambers, City Hall
301 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314

The Board of Architectural Review docket
is subject to change up to the time of the meeting.
Planning and Zoning staff
can provide information on changes.

Staff reports on each item are available
in the Department of Planning and Zoning.

The Board of Architectural Review reserves the right to
vary the order of the meeting, if so announced.

Department of Planning and Zoning
301 King Street, City Hall, Room 2100
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
phone: (703) 746-4666

* * * * *

Consideration of the minutes of the public hearing of October 27, 2010. II. CONSENT CALENDAR
1. CASE BAR2010-0308 APPLICANT: Ruth Weygand.
APPLICANT: Donald Walsh by Astrum Solar, Inc..
BOARD ACTION: Approved as submitted, 5-0.

3. CASE BAR2010-0129
Request for approval of new construction at 626 N Patrick St, zoned RB APPLICANT: Urbanvibe Residential, LLC. by Stephen Kulinski
BOARD ACTION: Approved as amended, 5-0.


Discussion of additional items for Phase III Modern and Sustainable Materials. V. ADMINISTRATIVE APPROVALS

CASE BAR2010-00332
Request for approval of siding replacement at 1010 Queen Street, zoned CL APPLICANT: Historic Virginia Holdings