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Date Group Docket Type/ Subject
04/18/2007Board of Architectural Review - HistoricAction Docket
04/16/2007Community MeetingGlebe Park Redevelopment Stakeholders Group Meeting with ARHA and Staff to discuss ARHA proposals within Glebe Park
04/12/2007Board of Zoning AppealsAction Docket
04/12/2007Community MeetingBraddock Metro Neigborhood Plan Community Meeting
04/10/2007Community MeetingJoint Planning Comm/City Council Work Session to discuss Carlyle Retail
04/04/2007Board of Architectural Review - HistoricAction Docket
04/04/2007Community MeetingInformational Meeting regarding proposed Smoke Free Restaurants Act
04/03/2007Community MeetingPlanning Commission Worksession to discuss the Transportation Task Force Report
04/03/2007Planning CommissionAction Docket
03/28/2007Board of Architectural Review - Parker GrayAction Docket
03/21/2007Board of Architectural Review - HistoricAction Docket
03/20/2007Community MeetingCommunity Meeting with Planning Commission re Braddock Metro Neighborhood Plan
03/14/2007Community MeetingPYDAC Meeting
03/14/2007Community MeetingCarlyle Design Review Board
03/12/2007Community MeetingHunting Creek Area Stakeholders Group meeting
03/08/2007Board of Zoning AppealsAction Docket
03/08/2007Community MeetingCommunity Mtg re Route 1 Transit Improvements (T&ES, P&Z)
03/07/2007Board of Architectural Review - HistoricAction Docket
03/06/2007Community MeetingPlanning Commission Work Session to discuss ARHA properties at Glebe Rd and Old Dominion Blvd
03/06/2007Planning CommissionAction Docket
02/28/2007Board of Architectural Review - Parker GrayAction Docket
02/21/2007Board of Architectural Review - HistoricAction Docket
02/20/2007Community MeetingWashington Street Streetscape Design Guidelines Community Meeting
02/20/2007Community MeetingCommunity Service Board - 2nd public meeting re: Safe Haven congegate housing facility proposed at 115 North Patrick Street.
02/15/2007Community MeetingCANCELLED: Hunting Creek Area Stakeholders Group (new date in March TBD)
02/08/2007Board of Zoning AppealsAction Docket
02/08/2007Community MeetingEE/Carlyle Design Review Board Meeting

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