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Council Dockets

FY - 1999

Date Meeting Type Document Type
10/05/1998Breakfast MeetingMisc Agenda
10/06/1998The Lyceum Company Forum on Woodrow Wilson BridgeMisc Agenda
10/10/1998City Council RetreatMisc Agenda
10/13/1998Commission on the Condition and the Future of Virginia CitiesMisc Agenda
10/14/1998Special Meeting [In lieu of 10/13/98 Regular Meeting]Supplemental Docket
10/14/1998Special MeetingDocket
10/14/1998Special MeetingAction Docket
10/14/1998Special MeetingMeeting Minutes
10/17/1998Public Hearing MeetingDocket
10/17/1998Public Hearing MeetingAction Docket
10/17/1998Public Hearing MeetingMeeting Minutes
10/27/1998Regular MeetingDocket
10/27/1998Regular MeetingAction Docket
10/27/1998Regular MeetingMeeting Minutes
10/29/1998Joint Working Group Summit MeetingMisc Agenda
10/31/1998Environmental Quality of Life SummitMisc Agenda