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Council Dockets

FY - 1999

Date Meeting Type Document Type
02/02/1999Alexandria Education ForumMisc Agenda
02/07/1999The Potomac West Community Hosts Alexandria Call to Community Neighborhood ProgramMisc Agenda
02/09/1999Regular MeetingDocket
02/09/1999Regular MeetingSupplemental Docket
02/09/1999Regular MeetingAction Docket
02/09/1999Regular MeetingMeeting Minutes
02/11/1999General Assembly Legislative DayMisc Agenda
02/16/1999Work Session and Site VisitMisc Agenda
02/20/1999Public Hearing MeetingDocket
02/20/1999Public Hearing MeetingAction Docket
02/20/1999Public Hearing MeetingMeeting Minutes
02/23/1999Regular MeetingDocket
02/23/1999Regular MeetingSupplemental Docket
02/23/1999Regular MeetingAction Docket
02/23/1999Regular MeetingMeeting Minutes