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Office of the City Clerk
May 27, 2009

There Was a Work Session at
5:00 p.m. in the City Council Work Room
on the Matrix Study of the Department
of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities
and to Discuss Fort Ward Park Issues.

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, May 26, 2009 - - 7:00 p.m.

* * * * *


1. Calling the Roll.

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Euille, and the City Clerk called the roll; all members of Council were present, with the exception of Councilman Gaines, who was absent.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________

2. Moment of Silence and Pledge of Allegiance.

City Council observed a moment of silence and recited the Pledge of Allegiance.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________

3. Reading and Acting Upon the Minutes of the Following Meeting of City Council:

(a) The Regular Meeting Minutes of May 12, 2009.

City Council approved the regular meeting minutes of May 12, 2009.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________




4. Recognition of Former Senator John Warner.

City Council recognized former Senator John Warner and presented him with a Key to the City and a proclamation.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________

5. Recognition of Students from Charles Barrett Elementary School for Their Art Project.

City Council recognized the students from Charles Barrett Elementary School for their art project at City Hall.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________

5.1 Receipt of First Night Alexandria's 2008 Annual Report.

City Council received the Annual Report from First Night Alexandria and thanked the Board of Directors for its efforts on behalf of the City.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________



(Resignations and Uncontested Appointments)

6. Receipt of the Following Resignations From Members of Boards, Commissions and Committees:

7. Uncontested Appointments to Boards, Commissions and Committees:

(a) Alexandria Archaeological Commission (b) Alexandria Commission on Employment
1 Citizen Member

(Reports and Recommendations of the City Manager)

8. Consideration of Authorization for Grant Application Renewal to the Virginia Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services to Continue the Projects for Assistance in Transition From Homelessness (PATH) Services.

9. Consideration of an Application Authorizing the Use of the FY 2010 State Funds for Plastic Bag Recycling as Appropriated in 2009 General Assembly.

10. Consideration of a Grant Application to the Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services for Toughbook Computers for City of Alexandria EMS Patient Transport Vehicles.

11. Consideration of an Application for Grant Funds from the Department of Health and Human Services for the Alexandria Head Start Program and Transfer of Program Monitoring to the Alexandria City Public Schools.

12. Consideration of an Amendment to the FY 2009 Action Plan for Housing and Community Development to Apply for Federal Stimulus Funding Under the Community Development Block Grant Program.

13. Consideration of Authorization of Recommended Capital Project Allocations and Planned Expenditures.

(Ordinances for Introduction)

14. Introduction and First Reading. Consideration. Passage on First Reading of an Ordinance to Impose a Maximum Service Period of 10 Consecutive Years for Any Member of a Board, Committee or Commission, Unless the Term of Service is Otherwise Governed by State Law, City Code or By Another Document That Creates the Committee, Board or Commission. (#15, 5/12/09)


City Council approved the consent calendar, with the removal of items 9, 11 and 12 and considered them under separate motions. The City Manager's recommendations were as follows:

6. City Council accepted the following resignations with regret: (a) Laverne Thomas, Alexandria Commission for Women; and (b) Laverne Thomas, Alexandria Youth Policy Commission.

7. City Council made the following appointments: (a) reappointed Janice Magnuson as the one citizen member from Planning District II to the Alexandria Archaeological Commission; and (b) appointed Patricia Soltys as the one citizen member to the Alexandria Commission on Employment.

8. City Council authorized the City Manager to: 1. submit the FY 2010 grant application to the Virginia Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services in the amount of $95,000; 2. affirmed that, due to City budget constraints, no additional City funds beyond those included in the approved FY 2010 budget be used to fund this program in FY 2010 and future years; and 3. execute all documents that may be required.

9. City Council authorized the City Manager to: 1. submit an application for the use of $10,000 in FY2010 funding to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality for the implementation of a pilot plastic bag recycling and education program; and 2. execute all necessary documents that may be required under this program. (separate motion)

10. City Council: 1. authorized the submission of the Office of Emergency Medical Services grant application, up to $25,550; and 2. authorized the City Manager to execute the necessary documents that may be required.

11. City Council: 1. authorized the submission of a grant application, due June 1, 2009, not to exceed $1,828,166, including $1,752,313 for Head Start program operations, $22,232 for training and technical assistance and $53,621 for a permanent 3.06 percent cost of living increase for Head Start staff; 2. affirmed that, due to City budget constraints, no City funds will be available to fund this program in FY 2010 or future years; 3. authorized the transfer of program monitoring responsibilities from the City Department of Human Services (DHS) to the Alexandria City Public Schools (fiscal responsibilities will remain with DHS); and 4. authorized the City Manager to execute all necessary documents. (separate motion)

12. City Council: 1. authorized the City Manager to submit the amendment (due June 5, 2009) to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to apply for $335,003 in federal stimulus funding under the Community Development Block Grant Recovery program; 2. approved an increase of up to $335,003 in the existing City loan to RPJ Housing for the Lacy Court Apartments; and 3. authorized the City Manager to execute all necessary documents associated with the substantial amendment and loan. (separate motion)

13. City Council authorized the capital project allocations and planned expenditures for the capital projects as detailed in the capital improvement expenditure summary.

14. City Council introduced the ordinance on first reading and set it for public hearing, second reading and final passage on Saturday, June 13, 2009.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________


15. Alexandria Affordable Housing Advisory Committee
1 Representative of A Civic Association

City Council reappointed Laura Lantzy as the one representative of a civic association to the Alexandria Affordable Housing Advisory Committee.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________

16. Alexandria Commission for the Arts
1 Member Who Represents Arts Education or Business Expertise Relative to Arts and Cultural Development, Including Such Perspectives As Marketing, Finance/Funding, Tourism Promotion and Organizational Development

City Council waived the residency requirement and appointed David Martin as the one member who represents arts education or business expertise relative to arts and cultural development, including such perspectives as marketing, finance/funding, tourism promotion and organizational development to the Alexandria Commission for the Arts.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________

17. Alexandria Environmental Policy Commission
1 Member From the Field of Environmental Sciences (e.g. Environmental/Sanitary Engineering, Ecology, Geology, Botany, Hydrology, Chemistry) or Who Has Alexandria Waterfront Expertise

City Council appointed Philip Voorhees as the one member from the field of environmental sciences (e.g., environmental/sanitary engineering, ecology, geology, botany, hydrology, chemistry) or who has Alexandria waterfront expertise to the Alexandria Environmental Policy Commission.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________

18. Alexandria Human Rights Commission
1 Citizen-at-Large

City Council appointed Michael Files as the one citizen-at-large to the Alexandria Human Rights Commission.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________

19. Alexandria Social Services Advisory Board
1 Citizen Member

City Council deferred this appointment to the June 9 City Council meeting.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________


20. Receipt of Franchise Proposals for Telecommunications Services, Exclusive of Cable Services.

City Council: 1. received a summary of proposals submitted to Rose Boyd, Director of Citizen Assistance; 2. received any additional proposals from bidders at the Council meeting; 3. referred all proposals to the City Manager for evaluation, review and consideration in the manner prescribed by law, including the negotiation of a franchise agreement with a preferred bidder; and 4. directed the City Manager to recommend to Council at its June 9, 2009 meeting or as soon thereafter that is feasible, a recommended firm to be awarded the telecommunications franchise by Council.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________


21. Consideration of Authorization of a Full Cost Recovery for Before Care Service at Neighborhood Recreation Centers.

City Council authorized the Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities to develop and implement a before care service at the neighborhood recreation centers that is cost neutral to the City with the expectation that Council will approve the necessary expenditure and revenue budget authority in a supplemental appropriations ordinance later in Fiscal Year 2010.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________

22. Receipt of Jones Lang Lasalle Real Property Inventory Study and Recommendations on the Disposition of Certain City Owned Real Estate Parcels.

City Council received the Jones Lang LaSalle real property and inventory study and authorized the City Manager to pursue the following: 1. performed a more detailed study of the Old Health Department facility located at 509 North St. Asaph Street and the adjacent 511-515 Oronoco Street parking lot, and to bring back to Council a recommendation to either sell the properties for a multifamily dwelling use or hold for long-term City office space use; 2. solicit proposals to sell the property located at 200 North Royal Street (also known as 405 Cameron Street); 3. solicit proposals to sell and/or enter into partnership to develop properties at 912, 916 and 920 King Street (current metered parking lot) for retail and office use consistent with the King Street Retail Plan, and in conjunction with this recommendation, solicit proposals to sell and/or enter into partnership at 116 South Henry Street to develop a parking structure to support King Street retail in conjunction with these King Street properties; 4. begin discussions with the Alexandria Housing Development Corporation and the Northeast Civic Association in regard to the redevelopment of 1505 Powhaton Street; and 5. prior to undertaking the proposed property sale processes in #1, 2, and 3 above, seek input of the details of the proposed sale redevelopment framework from the Old Town Civic Association.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________

23. Consideration of Monthly Financial Report for the Period Ending April 30, 2009.

City Council received the monthly financial report for the period ending April 30, 2009.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________

24. Consideration of Possible Zoning Changes to Clarify the Issue of Authorized Fines for After the Fact Approval of a Legal Alteration or Demolition of Historic Buildings or Structures.

City Council reviewed the memorandum and directed staff to: 1. confer with the two Boards of Architectural Review (BARs) and with the public and appropriate groups in the historic districts regarding potential changes to the zoning ordinance; and 2. prepared a text amendment for formal consideration by the Planning Commission and City Council.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________

26. Consideration of Status Report Regarding Paint Removal Testing on the Building at 900 Prince Street and Continued Consideration of a Decision of the Board of Architectural Review, Old and Historic Alexandria District, Resulting in After-the-fact Approval of a Certificate of Appropriateness for Painting Previously Unpainted Brick, Heard Before City Council on November 15, 2008.

This item was deferred.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________

27. Consideration of Allocation of Funds From Contingent Reserve to Economic Development Agencies Operating Programs.

City Council: 1. allocated $63,000 in contingent reserve funds from FY 2009 and $237,000 in contingent reserves from FY 2010 as follows: a. Alexandria Economic Development Partnership $200,000; b. Small Business Development Center $50,000; and c. Alexandria Convention and Visitors Association $50,000; and 2. authorized the City Manager to release these additional funds on or after July 1, 2009 to the above organizations after the City and these organizations have executed performance contracts for FY 2010.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________

28. Receipt of Report on Development Process Improvements by the Department of Planning and Zoning.

City Council received the report and presentation regarding development review process improvements.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________






(a) Mayor Euille spoke of his trip to Saudi Arabia from May 7-14 as part of a ten-person Mayor delegation through the U.S. Conference of Mayors at the invite of the Saudi government, noting that it was worthwhile and rewarding, learning about the Saudi government, agencies and the oil industry.

(b) Mayor Euille said there was a letter to the editor in the Alexandria Gazette Packet and he sent a letter to Ruth Lincoln Kaye, thanking her for writing her letter to the editor talking about Alexandria as a beautiful place to live.

(c) Councilman Krupicka said they met with the City Schools Committee this week and the Schools gave a briefing on the efforts as relates to the mini-school plans that are moving forward and the School Board will be discussing those plans over the next few weeks before a final determination is made. He said they spoke about the budget and stimulus money and what they are doing with those items, and they spoke about the capital budget and the important work that needs to happen between the City staff, Council and School Board over the next year to properly understand and plan for their capital needs and their space needs.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________


Council Action:_________________________________________________________


29. Consideration of a Resolution Re-Authorizing the Virginia Paving Community Liaison Committee. [ROLL-CALL VOTE]

City Council adopted the resolution authorizing the Virginia Paving Community Liaison Committee to continue for another year. (RES. NO. 2341)
Council Action:_________________________________________________________

30. Consideration of Resolution Requesting Federal and State Funds for the King Street Transit Store. [ROLL-CALL VOTE]

City Council adopted the resolution authorizing receipt and use of $280,000 in Federal and State funds and authorized the City Manager to: 1. submit agreements for the use of Federal funds in the amount of $224,000 and State funds in the amount of $56,000 for the King Street Transit Store; and 2. execute all necessary documents that may be required under the program. (RES. NO. 2342)
Council Action:_________________________________________________________


31. Consideration of City Council Schedule.

City Council: 1. noted that the new Police Department headquarters facility ground breaking will be held at 8:15 a.m. before Council's June 13 public hearing meeting; and 2. received the revised calendar which includes Council's tentative meeting schedule through September. The meeting calendar for September 2009 - June 2010 will be provided to Council this summer and will be scheduled for adoption by Council in September. There was a notation that the Woodrow Wilson Bridge bike path ribbon cutting ceremony is on Saturday, June 6 at 9:30 a.m.
Council Action:_________________________________________________________


32. Consideration of Convening An Executive Session Closed to the Public To Discuss Acquisition of Land and to Consult with Counsel Regarding a Potential Litigation Matter.

At 9:30 p.m., City Council convened in executive session, pursuant to Sections 2.2-3711(A)(3) and (7) of the Code of Virginia for the purpose of discussing acquisition of property for a public purpose and for consulting with legal counsel regarding potential litigation.

At 9:52 p.m., City Council reconvened the meeting.

City Council adopted the resolution pertaining to the Executive Session. (RES. NO. 2343)
Council Action:_________________________________________________________
The meeting adjourned at 9:54 p.m.

Note: The action docket is a summary of Council's meeting deliberations prepared largely for staff follow-up. Formal minutes of the meeting, when approved by Council become the official record of the meeting and of Council decisions made at the meeting.

This docket is subject to change.

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